Relics of the Past

Today I was scrounging around in my hard drive, trying to find the origins of some artwork, and I came across the image on the top left.  The Photoshop group was called "TODO:  Infested Labs".  Dated 6/7/2010, it was probably one of the first images I'd made.  I have no recollection of making it at all!  I can only surmise that it was placeholder, since by the next iteration, it looked like the save room in the upper right, dating from 6/21/2010.  I'd even made the animation in Photoshop as a sequence of layers, but I guess I hadn't thought of adding the shaft yet.

The one on the bottom is the current version of that save station - what you see shortly after starting the game.  It's interesting to me how drastically the colors changed; I don't even remember there being a purple and beige theme ... glad I changed that.  This is what happens when you work on a game over multiple years - you barely remember what you were doing at the start of the project!