Axiom Verge is OUT NOW for Steam! Ordering through this widget gets you a key!

Steam Store Page:

Humble Store (10% of Humble Store purchase goes to charity!):



Physical / Multiverse Editions

Axiom Verge has physical versions for Switch, PS4, and Vita (Wii U is coming soon).  There is a comprehensive list of places to get it here:  http://badlandindie.com/axiom-verge-multiverse-edition/.

You can also find retail versions of Axiom Verge in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, etc.  


Nintendo Switch

Axiom Verge is out on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop!  This is my favorite version due to play on.  You can get it on the e-Shop, here:




XBox One

Axiom Verge released on XB1 on 9/30/2016.  Download it here:






Wii U

Axiom Verge on Wii U is the only version with a 2nd screen allowing you to see the map and inventory at all times.  You can get it on the e-Shop, here:




Playstation 4 / Vita

Axiom Verge is also out for PS4 and PS Vita!  It's cross-buy so you can download it for either on PSN, or queue it up from your web browser here: