Vita and More


So, last week we finally submitted the Vita version of Axiom Verge to Sony's certification system. For all console platforms this process takes some time - how long is beyond our power - but it's on its way.  As soon as it's passed we'll know when we can release and announce that to the world.  Given how we really wanted to release it last year, it's definitely going to be as soon as we can - without it being March 22nd (AKA Day of the Tentacle, among other things).  And it's free for anyone who has the PS4 version.

Again, much thanks goes to Tom Spilman of Sickhead Games for making it even possible.


And More!

Also coming are Wii U and XBox One ports!  Sickhead games is again doing the XBox One port, while BlitWorks is handling the Wii U sku.  We don't know exactly when they'll release yet but it'll be this year, and definitely after the Vita release.  We plan to have playable demos for both at PAX East (April 22nd - 24th); hopefully by then we will also have more details to share about them.