I'm Teaming Up With Dan Adelman!

If you'd been following the game industry news at all this past August, you've probably heard how Nintendo's indie games lead is now striking out on his own to help indies directly.

That's a big deal.  Dan is the guy who brought games like Shovel KnightCave Story, Retro City Rampage, the BIT.TRIP series, and World of Goo to Nintendo platforms.  He worked there for 9 years, and his name is basically synonymous with Nintendo indies; he's facilitated the launch of hundreds of titles.  Business development, marketing, negotiating - all those things that indies themselves tend to be weakest in - are his expertise.

I'm honored to be the first developer he's decided to team up with.  Honestly, he could take his pick of indies, but he can only choose a select few in order to give us maximum support.  He'll be announcing the others when the time is right.  It's going to be awesome!