Axiom Verge Going on Sale!


Sale season!

When Dan (the business side of Axiom Verge) and I discussed our pricing strategy, we decided that come hell or high water, we were going to keep the price as is for at least 6 months. Although this flies in the face of conventional wisdom (and we may have lost out on some sales as a result) we felt it was important to do for 2 main reasons:

  1. Respect for early adopters – I don’t want our customers to feel like suckers. We’ve all felt that sting of buyer’s remorse when we buy something at full price and then find it on sale (or free!) just a couple days later. I really appreciate everyone who believed enough in Axiom Verge to buy it in the beginning and didn’t want anyone to feel like a sucker for not waiting a couple weeks for a major discount. I want to be as transparent about pricing as possible so that anyone interested in Axiom Verge can make an informed decision about when to buy and for how much.
  2. Combating the race to the bottom – As you may know, times are tough for indie developers. There’s incredible pressure to slash prices right out of the gate, and the race to the bottom has been making indie game development unsustainable. There have been several extremely talented game developers who have had no choice but to leave game development as a career and instead do it as a hobby. Many developers slave away for years to make great games only to have people demand that they be sold at a 70% discount. As a professional indie developer I think it’s important to apply the brakes to this race to the bottom. In the long run, this will mean a healthier sustainable marketplace where great games will continue to be made.

Given all of that preamble, I’d like to announce that the 6-month window has passed, and I will be putting Axiom Verge on sale off and on throughout the holidays. In fact, the first sale – 30% off in the EU PSN Store – is going on right now! The other places where Axiom Verge is sold, Steam and the NA PSN Store, will be getting similar discounts later this month. If you have friends who have been holding off on getting Axiom Verge, you can let them know that now is a good time to get it!


Thanks to everyone who voted in the Axiom Verge t-shirt design contest we did with We Love Fine! We got a bunch of amazing entries, and it was really tough to narrow it down to our favorite 3 designs. But we did, and now they’re all available for purchase. Here are the designs:


All of the shirts are available in both men’s and women’s cuts and have a variety of color choices. Also, I’m a big fan of creative people being compensated for their work, so you should know that those fans who designed these shirts will all be receiving a portion of the proceeds.

In addition to these 3 designs, I still have some of the original t-shirt design available on my website. Here’s me, Dan, and Iga (yes, THAT Iga) showing it off:


I am talking with another t-shirt manufacturer about producing and distributing this design, so in the next month or so I expect to take this down from my site and direct people to buy it elsewhere. The specifics of that will be announced soon.

Vita update

I often feel like if I don’t mention Vita, people will assume that it’s not always on my mind. It is, and I can report that significant progress has been and is being made! I will be giving some more detailed updates on this in the next month or so, but for now let’s just say that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. Keep in mind that it is retroactively cross-buy, so if you bought Axiom Verge on PS4 already, you will get the Vita version for free when it launches. Also, if any of your friends have a Vita, they can take advantage of the aforementioned upcoming sale and get both for the price of one!

Thanks again for everyone’s support and patience. It was a lot more complicated than any of us expected it to be, but we’re getting there.