And Now for Something Different

It’s been nearly five years since I started working on Axiom Verge and even longer since I’ve started putting together a mental list of all of the cool things I’d want to put into my dream game. As I’m now approaching the finish line of my long journey, I’ve come to the realization that there’s a lot to explore in Axiom Verge. Too much to give reviewers a week or two to digest and absorb. There’s a deep storyline and lots hidden secrets, not to mention that part of the fun of the game will come from improving your speedrun time long after finishing the main story.


Dan and I have been thinking about how best to showcase everything in a way that will be more than a superficial preview. We’ve decided to do something that, to our knowledge, hasn’t really been done before. I’m going to break my game up into several small pieces and give it out to journalists and YouTubers at a rate of one small section per month up until launch. I’m hoping that by giving each section some room to breathe on its own, people will be able to do a deeper dive and explore all of the secrets hidden within. Each section will be long enough to extend the storyline and showcase the gameplay but also short enough that dedicated players will be able to hone their speedrun times. I’m personally curious to see if anyone is able to beat my time!


There’s of course a bit of a risk that too many secrets will be revealed and ruin the experience for people when it does come out. I’ll be sure to keep some secrets close to the chest, so there should be plenty of surprises for everyone when the game is released next Spring.


Dan and I have compiled a list of journalists and YouTubers who we think might be interested and will be sending out builds next week. If you would like to make sure you’re added to the list, please send Dan an email at Dan [at] If you are a YouTuber, please contact us from your YouTube page. The games will begin shortly!