A GIF, and a Question

Happy GDC everyone!  I won't be there this year, but will be working on AV full time for the duration. I expect to have an exciting announcement soon.

In the meantime, here's a part of the sequence from the intro.  Please imagine this synchronized to the thumping base and it makes a bit more sense.

So for the question:  I've work on a lot of features that I don't post about.  It's to give you something to look forward to discovering on your own by playing the game.  See, in the days of yore, instruction booklets would often "spoil" every item you could obtain in the game - and being the weird sort of child I was, I wouldn't always read them for this reason (and this isn't even getting to plot spoilers).  But, it occurs to me that perhaps other people aren't so concerned about spoiling the items/abilities.

So, how do you feel about item and ability "spoilers"?